Blanching plants

Energy savings of between 30% and 90%

By virtue of the patented steam control system you are able to steam, blanch, cook and disinfect with the lowest possible consumption of energy.


  • Maximal energy savings (in practice 30% to 90%)
  • No negative consequences for product quality. In many cases even an improvement can be established.
  • Optimal cooking process by means of a 100% steam atmosphere
  • Automatic steam regulation: no product = no steam (steam consumption on the basis of capacity of the product)
  • Small investment costs (0.5 year < Return on Investment < 1.5 year)
  • No steam plume on the roof of the building
  • Applicable to various kinds of steamers

There are references whereby the savings amount to even 90%.

The DCC system® is only meant for steam and can be used for preparing vegetables, fruit, potatoes, meat or fish.

Screw type steam cooker system


  • Fruit & vegetable
  • Fruit
  • Vegetable
  • Blanching