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What is Safe Food Factory?

Safe Food Factory is a platform where parties address issues and come to solutions, with food safety in food companies being central.

You get access to the right solutions and new developments that are based on the collective knowledge and newly written guidelines.

Safe Food Factory for Enterprise
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What we can do for you

Safe Food Factory is used by the top of the food industry and machine building.

Rittal Nestle Heineken Hago
  • Synamic
  • IV Industrie
  • Van Lente
  • Lapp Benelux
  • Tanis Food Tec
  • Niedax
  • Gouda Holland
  • Anamet
  • Phoenix Contact
  • Beenen
  • Coca-Cola
Joop de Graaf

"This could not have succeed here without the industry-wide approach of Safe Food Factory and the findings are taken into follow-up projects at Heineken, where necessary."

Hans Beuger

"With EU Regulation 852 the legislature has drafted goal-oriented legislation, not specific regulations. The approach of Safe Food Factory to bring together different disciplines and take a fresh look at the problems, gives businesses the opportunity to come up with a solution to achieve the goal of the legislation."

Roy Bongaerts

"The practical guideline "Hygienic cabling in the Food Industry", which we have written with Safe Food Factory, is a good basis and a supplement to the design of hygienic machines."