MTC Wire mesh trays

Installing the Niedax MTC Wire Mesh Tray is very simple and incredibly fast. No need for bolts, nuts and wrenches. Align the tray and snap it on. When you hear the click you are done!

Explainer use and connect mesh cable trays safely

The Niedax MTC Wire Mesh Tray can be installed smoothly and quickly even in confined spaces.

No need for bolts and splices
Niedax MTC Wire Mesh Trays are connected with a patented snap lock mechanism that ensures the same load rating as bolted splices.

The Niedax MTC Wire Mesh Tray is fully compatible with all existing accessories: Grounding lugs, junction box mounting plates, …

Easy construction with MTC

1 Making an elbow

2 Connecting V-shaped mesh cable tray

3 Connecting G-shaped mesh cable tray

Supplier: Gouda Holland


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MTC Wire mesh trays Document type: pdf
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