Peter De Cneudt

Teamleader F&B
Joined 3 años, 9 meses


Ing. Peter De Cneudt works as team leader Food & Beverages Benelux for Spirax Sarco Benelux. Also Regional Business Development Specialist Middle East - Western Europe & Africa, responsible for Steam Quality. He has 10 years of experience at Spirax Sarco with consultancy, training and concept engineering of steam & condensate systems, both utility and processes. Guest speaker for the past 5 years with the theme: Steam Quality in the Feed Mill Industry. Spirax Sarco has + 110 years of experience with steam related applications. Before he gained experience at the Messer company with industrial gas application applications: IQF freezing with liquid nitrogen and CO2. Responsible for introducing MAP - modified Atmosphere Packaging or gas packaging for companies that want to apply this technique. Determine the type of gas, determine shelf life data, create sample material.