Cooking, Boiling

Cooking is a heating technique that is used in food products to change the tissue structure, color and moisture content of the product or to facilitate other later processes.

Field of Application

Cooking is used on an industrial scale in the preparation of ready-to-eat meals, in the preparation of complete meals, for meal components (such as in different meat products or by heating the foodstuffs during processing).

Techniques, methods and installation

Cooking is done in ovens. There are different types of ovens: water, shower, steam and air / steam circulation. Water ovens give the most even heating that must be achieved. The immersion in hot water causes weight loss and results in the release of proteins and fats in the water. Shower ovens provide good even heating and simultaneously send water through the showers and the saturated steam that rises from the collection basins at the bottom of the oven, which in turn is heated by rinsing. Steam ovens do not have a water shower, but heating takes place only by the steam produced in the storage basins. Air ovens have, when it is necessary to control the surface humidity, steam supply and a recirculation of hot air, which is obtained through the passage through heat exchangers. Cooking is carried out by immersion in water at boiling temperature. In beer production, wort is boiled for 1.5 hours in a kettle with hopping or hop extracts, causing bitter substances to come loose and dissolved. Another aim of boiling wort is to inactivate all enzymes, sterilization of the wort and the concentration thereof.

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