Frying is a baking process in which the food is baked in edible oil at a temperature of about 200°C. Usually a vegetable oil or a mix of animal fat and vegetable oil is used.

Field of Application

Unprocessed materials such as fish, potatoes and chicken can be fried, eg in the production of products such as fish fingers, chips, chicken nuggets.

Techniques, methods and installation

The product is placed in the fuel pan on a slat conveyor. The frying pan is a horizontal chamber that contains oil. The products fall into the oil and the expansion of the dough brings the products to the surface of the oil. The slat conveyor supplies the product under the main deep-frying belt that takes the products through the frying pan and checks the frying time. A belt at the end of the frying pan lifts the product out of the oil, allows drainage and transports the product to the inspection and the packing belt. Frying pans are equipped with a vapor exhaust fan to switch off the vapor leakage. The deep-frying temperature and time vary per product that is processed. Temperatures range from 190-200 ° C and the frying times are usually around 35 seconds, but can be up to 6 minutes.

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