Johan Nooijen

Product Manager
Joined 6 years, 2 months


A career in the compressors and compressed air industry at Geveke Werktuigbouw is an appropriate description of Mr. Nooijen's career. After his BSc Mechanical Engineering in Haarlem (1979), Mr. Nooijen started as a project engineer at Geveke Werktuigbouw, dept. Compressors. He was responsible for supplying and installing compressed air installations to the oil and gas industry, chemical industry and food industry. After a period as the logistics manager at Geveke with a BSc course in Logistics Management and the implementation of a new ERP package, the compressors, the technology and the communication about it, lured him back to the compressors, marketing and communication. In his role as product manager at Geveke Persluchttechniek, he provides support to the vendors / consultants, the service organization and the manufacturers. Training courses in the field of product management and marketing have provided the tools to implement this. Why the choice of compressor, conditioning, installation and piping must be made, how best to arrange the service and what requirements the compressors and conditioning must meet has been the field of work for 19 years now. Projects such as the co-writing of the Guidelines for Food-Safe Compressed Air, the provision of contributions for a Technical course, articles for magazines such as Drive Technology on compressed air quality, VMT hygiene specials and participation in the development of energy-saving programs in the compressed air installations are enthusiastically taken up. By sharing knowledge, responsible choices can be made that optimize the quality of compressed air and energy consumption in Dutch and Belgian industry.
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  • Compressed air