Remote Lototo

Disconnect machines safely and quickly.

How much time does your production machine stand still due to the LoTo process when switching off large powers? With the remote Lototo solution, you can turn the power off and back on in less than five seconds - on site at the machine - without the need for special training. And it is also a lot safer than the current LoTo procedure.

Walking from the machine to the electrical room, disconnecting by a QP (Qualified Person, a certified electrician), checking whether the machine is switched off. It can easily mean 30 minutes of downtime before any changeover or maintenance can be carried out. Time is money, and then the whole procedure has to be repeated to turn the machine back on ...

Switch machines off and on quickly and safely for changeover or maintenance (LoTo procedure) in:

  • less than five seconds

  • at the machine

  • no more need for an electrician (QP) for the LoTo procedure

  • to be built into your own system with standard components

  • switching on and off is controlled and safe: 'off is really off'

  • fieldbus connection possible

The RemoteLototo (idea and implementation: Paul Hoogerkamp, ​​Pouw Jongbloed and Aart van Ginkel) is still developed further. The reason for this development is the current loto procedure around disconnecting the main current by means of an isolation switch in the control current. This procedure is very cumbersome and mistakes can inadvertently be made which lead to dangerous situations.

The remotelototo solution relies on standard components that are correctly paired with the correct programming to ensure a safe and automated loto procedure. Correctly separating the main power is now just as easy as operating an operating switch.

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At the moment, two demonstration models have been made: up to 15kW and up to 100kW use.

Remotelototo is custom work. The solution can vary from a stand-alone system to the integration of certain components in your current system so that it becomes safe and easy to use.

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