Jef Goossens

Beigetreten 3 Jahre, 7 Monate


After my study as Industrial Engineer Electromechanics, I went on to study to become a Master Business Administration. I have always felt attracted to the technique. I have gained experience in the solenoid valves and measurement and control components at Bürkert for all types of industry. In the liquid filtration techniques at - then - Amafilter in Alkmaar I worked as a responsible for Belgium, where the process industry was the most important customer. And now I have been working for 13 years in the compressed air as responsible, at the beginning, for Boge Compressors in Belgium and the Netherlands and I now focus on Belgium. With my experiences from the previous sectors, customer requirements in the compressed air world are easily understood and converted into targeted solutions.
  • Lagerung, Transport
  • Ventilator - Kompressor
  • Nützlichkeiten
  • Luft
  • Druckluft