Hygienic steam (in Dutch)

1-day course

In collaboration with Spirax Sarco Benelux and Burggraaf & Partners, Safe Food Factory organizes a one-day course on "Hygienic steam in the food industry", about laws and regulations, analysis of risks and food-safe applications of steam.

date: 15 June 2021
price: 695.00
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How to integrate steam food-safe in quality system.

Steam is used in all kinds of places in the factory: for heating production processes or sterilizing a production line. Steam can come into direct or indirect contact with the product and must therefore be food safe.

In addition to the legal requirements and descriptions of standards, the practical side of this is discussed with numerous examples where it went wrong.

A course for quality managers within the food industry, but also suitable for technical service, project managers, process technologists and product developers.

Lectures are in Dutch.   


  1. Legislation and regulations regarding steam
    • Relevant parts from EU and US legislation
    • ISO-EN 22000; EN 12953-10
    • EHEDG / 3-A
  2. Black steam
    • Operating principles of steam installation
  3. Steam HACCP / HAZOP study
    • Hazards: contaminants
    • Eliminate, Reduce, Inspection points
    • What can go wrong (steam control valve, steam trap)
  4. Steam classification
    • Pure - Clean - Filtered - Plant steam
  5. Practical case
  6. Special applications - steam injection / infusion
    • Burning; critical temperature, low pressure steam
    • New techniques
  7. Around steam & product safety a.o.
    • Evaporate vapor / prevent condensation
    • Blanching, UHT / flash vessel and other examples

Practical information

The course will take place on 15 June 2021 at Van der Valk Hotel Gilze - Tilburg, Klein Zwitserland 8, 5126 TA Gilze. Start is 8.30 and the program ends at 17.00.

Participation costs amount to Euro 695, = excl. VAT, including handout and consumptions during the program.

Subject teachers

Wouter Burggraaf

After studying Chemical Technology, Ir. Wouter Burggraaf worked at Unilever Research & Engineering as project manager - unit operations Food & Drinks. He then became plant manager at Hertog IJs and built their new factory. Later he worked as technical director, and eventually as general manager, of Harimex, a company that processes slaughterhouse blood.
In addition to the last two positions, and since 2004 full-time, he works with Burggraaf & Partners as (international) trainer of Hygienic Design and consultant for equipment manufacturers as well as for food, feed and pharmaceutical companies.
Wouter Burggraaf is authorised trainer of EHEDG.

David Wallenus

Ir. David Wallenus (Chemistry) is working at Spirax Sarco Benelux as Business Development Engineer Food & Beverage.
(further details will follow)

  • Pasteurisation - sterilisation
  • Heating - cooling
  • Utilities
  • Steam
  • Hygiene standards