CIP - Innovative cleaning techniques (Dutch)

2-day course

2-day course Cleaning in Place for the producers and machine builders in Food, Feed and Pharma.

date: 17 April 2023
price: 1475.00

It covers all new automatic cleaning systems, not only pipes and tanks, but also automatic cleaning of open systems such as conveyor belts, filling machines or other equipment. Robot-CIP or r-CIP is the future. In this way you can not only save on the total cleaning costs (and down-time), but it is also the only way to guarantee that you can start with clean equipment.

Experienced trainer

Burggraaf & Partners has been specialized since 1993 in advising the food industry and pharmacy, and machine builders in this area. In practically all sectors (bakery, fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat, beverages, biotechnology), the agency is active and together with various organisations it has provided dozens of training courses in this area.

Practical info

Location: Aristo, Utrecht
Date: Monday 17 & Tuesday 18 April 2023
Time: 09.00 – 17.00
Costs: € 1.475,- (excl. VAT).
Trainer: Ir. Wouter Burggraaf, member EHEDG, authorised trainer

Topics to be covered:

Introduction Cleaning in Place

  • History of CIP; developments in the various sectors (food, pharma, other)

Principles of Cleaning:

  • Types of soil, formation of soil layer
  • Sinner circle, cleaning mechanisms
  • Flow behaviour (Reynolds, boundary layer theory)

Detergents and disinfectants

  • Types and selection
  • Foam cleaning
  • Disinfectants (type, legislation)
  • Effect on materials (plastics, rubbers)

Criteria for Hygienic design of process equipment

  • Conditions for cleaning of equipment
  • EHEDG criteria of hygienic design
  • Geometry
  • Surface roughness
  • Welding quality

Principles of SIP

  • Chemical, thermal
  • Accessibility, bacterial density, aseptic
  • Biosafety

Design of CIP installation

  • Lost cleaning, circulation with / without recovery
  • CIP process steps
  • CIP parts & measuring instruments
  • Determination / calculation design CIP / SIP installation

CIP piping systems

  • Valve and pump selection
  • Pipe system
  • Thermic expansion
  • Pressure drop calculation

Spraying systems

  • Principles
  • Impact
  • Requirements, selection, different types (advantages and disadvantages)
  • Shadow fields
  • Determination / calculation of spraying systems

Special techniques

  • Mole systems,
  • Emptying with air,
  • Water hammer measurement,
  • CIP robot,
  • Air / water cleaning

Validation CIP/SIP system

  • Determination / calculation of CIP times (tank, pipes, heat exchanger)
  • Validation and verification techniques
  • GMP (OK, IK, BK, PK, qualifications)
  • Revalidation
  • Check of changes
  • Cleaning Validation Protocol
  • Monitoring

Examples from practice

  • Disinfection of rooms (clean room; insulator; packaging machine)
  • WIP-CW cleaning / Cleaning of dry processes
  • CIP cleaning of conveyor systems
  • CIP cleaning of trucks and tankers

With (a lot of) video material:

  • Cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • EHEDG testing: cleanability, steam sterilisability
  • CIP systems
  • Spraying systems
  • Valves
  • CIP return pump
  • Emptying pipe systems
  • Foam cleaning
  • Carbonic cleaning
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